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2019 Singapore HarpFest VI

September 05, 2019

Singapore HarpFest VI is back, better and more exciting than ever before. 

Concerts, workshops, competitions, both solo and chamber performances, an exhibition and more! Make sure you don’t miss out on 4 days of Harping FUN and excitement.

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HarpFest VI Opening Concert

September 05, 2019

In this Opening Concert of HarpFest VI, Katryna Tan, 2015 Young Artist Award Winner will perform works by Singapore composers. This will include the Singapore premier of Eric Watson’s Harp Concerto and feature works by Phang Kok Jun. The program will highlight unique works influenced by Nanyang themes, performed on the Western Harp. This concert will also star the 2019 Rave Harps Prestige Award Chamber Winners! This prestigious competition focuses on youth and celebrates their music journey.


Harp Fantasy with Sylvain Blassel & Singapore Young Professionals

September 06, 2019

A magical harp evening with French virtuoso harpist Sylvain Blassel who will enchant us with grand works on the harp, including his own famous transcriptions of works by the romantic Liszt. Guest performing in this evening’s concert will also be Singapore’s young harp professionals including soloist Lee Yun Chai, Sapphire Ho and Viva Rave (professional Harp Ensemble of Singapore).


Legends of the Harp

September 08, 2019

For centuries, Great Legends once fought for peace on Earth. After coming together and melting their magical powers in an Enchanted Harp, there was finally peace in the world; and the Legends could live quietly amongst the people. Alas, one day, the Enchanted Harp was stolen! Peace on earth is disrupted and Evil threatens to take over the world.

Where are these Legends now? Where is the Enchanted Harp? Is there hope for our world?