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Synopsis: “In a gloomy little town not so far away, a little girl (named “Pluck” eventually) chances upon a Harp and discovers life before the “The Kingdom of Strings” took reign. Together with her friends, she plucks up her courage to find a way to break the Evil Spell and revive Enchantia – The Harp Kingdom.”

Excerpt from the world’s First Harp Musical – PLUCK performed in 2012.

The Orphanage

“Pluck” and the Guardian


Short Excerpt of Story:

Long time ago, in a land far away, there was an Orphanage. This orphanage was dull, and somber, as the town it was situated in, was. In the orphanage, lived several orphans, all with lackluster eyes, and… going about their chores, everyday. There was Lauren, Bella-rina, and Sniffy. On another one of those days, the children were scrubbing the grub from the attic floor. A quiet orphan girl, who had no name, was scrubbing the corner area, keeping to herself as usual. Scrubbing, as she went, she suddenly discovered an old abandoned harp.Curious, she went up to it and brushed away the thick layers of dust, and cobwebs that were found on it. She brought her fingers to the strings, but before she played, hesitated. She looked around. Everyone was busy. Her heartbeat accelerated. Bringing her fingers to the strings once again, she summoned courage to pluck the strings. A beautiful sound tinkled out. The nameless orphan girl turned around only to find every pair of eyes in the room looking at her. Instead of retreating back into her introverted shell, she broke out into a smile. Her eyes lit up. The other children gathered around the girl as she plucked the harp again. There eyes also lit up in wonder.

The children decided to give a name to the nameless orphan girl, in which they all agreed to, to call her, PLUCK! Turning back to the harp, she was about to pluck the harp again, but the Guardian comes running over and hushed her.

“Guardian yells out: NO, NO, NO Harp MUSIC!! “You know who”… can hear…”

Guardian tells the story…

There was a golden rule, in that town. No music was allowed!

The guardian sat with the children and starts to tell the story of why they must not play harp music…


Prosperous Enchantia Kingdom

Once upon a time, there was a majestic and colourful kingdom, called “ENCHANTIA”. Well, every kingdom has King and Queen. They were a pair of very happy King and Queen. They often visited the villages to sing and dance with them. Needless to say, their villagers loved them. Whenever the villagers heard that the King and Queen were visiting, they would congregate, and play Music.

They were very good rulers, but they couldn’t do without the help of their little, Musical Fairy. You must have heard of her. Most people have. Her name is the Harp Fairy…

Prosperous Kingdom…

The King, Queen and The Harp Fairy

The Evil Reigns (The Harp Fairy is Captured)

PLUCK Promises to break the spell


DOES PLUCK & FRIENDS Succeed in bringing back the Kingdom to it’s Glory and is the Harp Fairy found? Contact us to find out more!

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