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“The Passionate team who has helped inspired, guide and made beautiful harp journey’s possible for many ….”

Rita Sari


Rita first started learning to play the Kong Hou, a revived Chinese musical instrument, that resembles the Western harp. While she was pursuing her degree in the United States, she had the opportunity to study the pedal harp from her first harp teacher, Ms. Hyun Jung Choi, who was a student of the late Ms. Lucile Lawrence. Since then, she has been blessed with many opportunities to learn from amazing harpists along the way.

Rita has enjoyed performing both locally and overseas with her harp ensemble group -Les Harpistes Ensemble. But for more than a decade, Rita’s passion lies in teaching the harp. Rita not only imparts the technical aspects of harp playing but also the love and passion for the instrument.

In 2003, Rita became acquainted with Ms. Katryna Tan and since then, both of them have been working very closely in making the Singapore Harp Fest grow from year to year. Rita is dedicated in promoting the harp and this has been her lifelong commitment. She was also one of the production committee of the first harp musical — “Pluck- The Harp Musical” in 2012.

Cheryl Tan


Cheryl Tan’s musical journey began when she started learning the piano at the age of eight. Her knowledge in piano music and music theory increased under private tutelage with Mrs. Serena Ng and Ms. Josephine Koh. Cheryl went on to the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) where she majored in Piano and minored in Guzheng. In NAFA, she studied under some of the most renowned Singapore composers and musicians: the late Mr. Leong Yoong Pin; Mr. Phoon Yew Tien; Dr. Soh Kay Cheng; Mr. Lee Tack Fah; & Mdm. Zhang Lu Fen. Cheryl graduated with a Diploma in Music from NAFA in 1993

In 1988, Cheryl joined the Keat Hong Chinese Orchestra (KHCO) as Guzheng Principal. Over twenty years, she participated with KHCO in many local and overseas performances where she had the privilege to work with many renowned musicians around the world. With her passion for zither instruments, along her music journey she picked up the Chinese Harp (Konghou) and eventually the Western Harp too. She was subsequently appointed as Konghou Player/Harpist for KHCO.

Cheryl joined Rave Harps in 2008. She is part of the harp group – Les Harpistes Ensemble. Their recent works include Harp Tasting in SAM, Christmas concert at the Esplanade and Harpfest. Cheryl is one of the organising committee members for Rave Harps’ Harpfest series. She was also one of the production committee of the first harp musical – “Pluck – The Harp Musical” in 2012.

Kee Loo
Atcl (Harp)


A medical doctor by profession, Kee Loo has kept her passion for music very much alive. An avid harp player, teacher and performer, she also plays the piano and clarinet.

Kee Loo began her harp journey under the tutelage of renowned local harpist Ms. Katryna Tan. She has also attended masterclasses with several master teachers, like Sydney-based Ulpia Erdos and Gabriella Dall’Olio, head of Trinity Laban Conservatoire.

A keen ensemble player, she has performed with the Rave Harpers and Les Harpistes Ensemble for the Esplanade Beautiful Sunday series and at the Esplanade concourse. She also had solo performances in several charity concerts and had helped raise funds for needy causes.

She is a strong supporter of all things harp and has been actively involved in Harp Festivals in Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia.

Despite her busy schedule, nothing makes her happier than to devote her free time in nurturing the next generation of young harpists.

Su Yoong
ALCM (Music Teaching & Pe mrtop20rforming)


Su Yoong is a well-known music teacher in Penang region, Malaysia. She plays the piano, cello and has vocal training and
experience in children education.

After playing the harp for several years, Su received Teacher’s Training with Harp Master Educator, Katryna Tan. She has joined Rave Harps faculty and is passionate about sharing her harp journey with more students. She is also involved in managing Harp Projects in Penang “Harp of the Orient Series” and is also the Assistant Manager to Penang Harpers Ensemble. Together with the group, they’ve done performances in France, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Cindy Yan

Chamber/Ensemble Music Faculty

Cindy Yan is a well sought-after violinist for her excellent well-rounded experience in Solo Recital, Orchestra and Chamber works. Ms. Yan graduated from the Shanghai Conservatory of Music, China and obtained her Master’s Degree in Music from Massey Conservatorium of Music in New Zealand.


Loh Jia Hui

Communications Executive and Harp Faculty

Starting music at the tender age of 4 years old, Jia Hui does not know a life without music. She quickly became well-versed with music, learning the Piano, music theory and the Harp. She completed her ATCL Diploma in Performance at the young age of 15, and continually strives to grow in her knowledge everyday.

When Jia Hui started learning the Harp, she knew it was an instrument that she would continue to play for the rest of her life. She joined the Rave Harps ensemble in its early years and has journeyed through many performances since then. Paired with a strong passion for children’s development and music education, Jia Hui now teaches young children to play the harp, inculcating strong values of musicianship and character.

Jia Hui also has a natural inclination for the stage. Having learnt ballet, music and drama, she is a well rounded performer that exudes charisma and charm. She has performed in multiple types of events, starting from school recitals and concerts, to performing at weddings and being part of charity gala events. She translates her love for performance and experiences into building up the next generation of musicians, sharing her love for the Harp through music.

Dan Siew Yee
B. MUS (Hons.) UPM

Harp faculty - CPAC

Siew Yee obtained her Music Degree from the University Conservatoire, UPM majoring in Contemporary Piano. After graduating and starting her career with Cempaka Performing Arts Company (CPAC), she took interest in the harp programme in Cempaka Schools. She started to learn the harp under CPAC’s Harp Director and renowned harpist, Katryna Tan.

Siew Yee heads the Harp Programme and conducts harp lessons for young harpists. Over her harp journey experience, she has participated and performed in harp congress and harp festivals in Malaysia, Singapore, France and Hong Kong.

Yap Zhe Zhen
B. MUS (Hons.) UCSI

Harp faculty - CPAC

Zhe Zhen has been working as a music instructor in Cempaka Performing Arts Company (CPAC) since 2007. She found her passion for the harp and decided to pursue it under the harp programme in Cempaka Schools. She learned under Katryna Tan, a world-renowned harpist and also the Harp Director in CPAC.

Zhe Zhen holds a Bachelor of Music (Hons.) from UCSI, majoring in Contemporary Music. She has been actively conducting harp lessons and training students for performances for over a decade. She has also participated and performed in the World Harp Congress and other harp


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Chiew Ching Shen

Harp faculty

Chew Siow Hong

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