Rave Harps Academy

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Harp Lessons

At Rave Harps Academy, we believe that learning the harp is for everyone! Everyone can play the harp, children, adults, and even seniors!
Everyone is welcome here to learn how to play the harp. Our staff and faculty are eager to help you embark on your very own unique musical journey.
Don’t hesitate to contact us to find out more!


Let The Harp Sound Project

A group of seniors with no music background enjoyed learning the harp and performed in public within 3 months of lessons.

Harp Ensemble

Students at Rave Harps Academy have the opportunity not only
the harp as a solo instrument but also to have fun with friends
in learning ensemble performance skills


How Are Lessons Conducted?

Students receive weekly individual lessons and there are dedicated dates for group masterclasses in each term. Group lessons can also be organised. The Academy also organises masterclasses with Visiting International Harpists. We have hosted Gabriella Dall’Olio (UK), Ulpia Erdos (Australia), Isabelle Perrin (France), Isabelle Moretti (France), Florence Sitruk (Germany),
Cristina Braga (Brazil), and more.

Rave Harps Academy follows a Harp Learning curriculum uniquely created by Artistic Director Katryna Tan, who has spent years on striving for the best practices in the art of teaching and learning. See also ‘Unleash the Musician in You’.


Do I Need To Have A Harp?

Harps are provided in class. However, students will eventually need an instrument to practise with at home. In general, beginners start on a 34 or 38 string Lever Harp and then move to a full-sized Pedal Harp when they are ready. There are several models of harps and our staff will be happy to advise you on what suits your needs the best.