Our Vision & Methodology


Our Academy has been in Singapore for more than 10 years, changing the musical landscape for the harp in the region. We have nurtured a whole generation of young harpists, from as young as 5 years old and shaped them into outstanding musicians who enjoy the harp and enjoy making music.

Lee Yun Chai (left), joined Rave Harps Academy when he was just 6.  He is now the first harpist in Singapore to be accepted into Juilliard School (New York, USA).

Nicolette Chin (right), joined Rave Harps Academy when she was 8. She is now a graduating student from SOTA. She has won many awards and is one of Singapore’s leading young harpists.

A scene from “PLUCK- The Harp Musical” where both played King and Queen of the Kingdom of Harps

Award Winning Students – The Future Generation

Many of our students have taken a step beyond just our shores and have won international competitions in Japan, Thailand, France and the United Kingdom. Many of our graduates have also taken up the instrument professionally and pursued tertiary studies in harp at exclusive and prestigious music schools.

Some achievements of Harp students from Rave Harp Academy include:

  • Performances nationally and internationally
  • Charity performances – Outreach to Community for Special Children and in Hospitals
  • Achieved ABRSM High Scorer Award
  • Won International Harp Competitions
  • Selected to perform in FOCUS ON YOUTH in the prestigious World Harp Congress
  • Hold harp positions in the Singapore Youth Orchestra and other Orchestras in Singapore
  • Many Harp students have also graduated from Rave Harp Academy and won places in prestigious schools in Juilliard (New York), Berklee (Boston), Guildhall, UK; Ecole Normale de Paris (France), Royal College of Music (UK), Royal College of London (UK), The Purcell School (UK) for Young Musicians, and so on.
Imparting Life Skills and A Love for Music

With the dedication of our teachers and programme for our students, Rave Harps Academy is committed to nurturing the love of music in the students. We are also well-known for our unique education system directed by Katryna Tan, where important Life Skills are imparted to the students in the process, training them to be independent and disciplined, building their leadership skills whilst nurturing the spirit of teamwork.

Being Connected to the International HARP WORLD

Our Academy is representative of Singapore to the World Harp Congress, sharing our news with the international Harp community. Our Director, Katryna Tan, also shares links with several International Harp Festivals and harp leaders from around the world. Our students often have the opportunity to travel to perform. We have been to Hong Kong (Asian Harp Festival), Canada (World Harp Congress), France (Ancenis International Harp Festival), and more.

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