Principal’s Note

Music has always been a part of my life. As a young child, I was fortunate enough to be given music lessons as my parents recognised the important role music plays in early childhood development.

Nevertheless, music was always meant to be a hobby and remained a constant companion throughout my formative years.

Years later, after gaining my professional degree in Interior Architecture, I realised I could no longer ignore my one true passion – Music. I just wanted to share it, by performing and by teaching.

The Rave Harps Academy was borne of this passion.

When I first began teaching, I thought it meant showing students the technical aspects of the instrument and teaching them how to translate what they saw on the music score into sound. I later realised that besides teaching them technique and how to read the score, it is just as important (if not more so) to teach students “how to practice”, “how to have FUN in music” and “how to share the music with others”.

This method that I have developed over my teaching tenure has seen many students taking their music to different heights and achieving many successes. Both this method and their success stories can be found in my book “Unleash The Musician In You – Secrets To A Successful Music Journey.”

But of course, these successes are not the fruit of my labour alone as a teacher. They are borne of each individual student’s burning aspiration to excel in music as well as the unwavering support from their parents. As a teacher, my role has always been to inspire them, guide them and unleash the musician I know is in them.

Does this sound familiar?
  • “I don’t want to practice!”
  • “My child used to love going for music lessons but now refuses to go.”
  • “My child has no music talent!”
How can your child become the “music protégé” that takes to the stage naturally?
How do you ensure a positive Music Journey?

“Unleash The Musician In You” frees the music student from frustrations and struggles in their music journey through Katryna Tan’s tried and tested “F.A.M.E. Music Success” strategy. Let her teach you the winning psychology behind successful music students with strategies to make music learning effective and fun in her book that unveils more than 10 years of refined methods and success stories.

Katryna Tan is an award-winning concert artist, talented musician and enthusiastic music educator. She has inspired many young musicians in their music journey and continues to do so.

Praise for “Unleash The Musician In You”

“This is a book which will inspire serious learners of music – packed with gems which are practical, artistic and illuminating – written by a passionate musician and inspiring teacher… a must read!”

-Yang Tien, Head, Faculty of Music SOTA (School of The Arts); Harpsichordist

“Thanks to Katryna’s amazing F.A.M.E. Music Success technique, Jeremy has learned to put more thought and emotion into his music. He especially enjoys creating storylines for his pieces. More importantly, Jeremy has found joy, purpose and meaning in his music.”

-Parent of Jeremy (10 year old) who attended Katryna’s ‘Unleash The Musician In You’ Workshop.

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