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Known as the oldest instrument in the world, the harp has seen every place and time. From the Ancient Egyptians to the Renaissance, triple-strung harps to double action harps, the rich history of harps permeates both culture andt oral traditions. Magical stories of King David, Apollo and even Jack and the Beanstalk fill our childhood.

The modern harp that we know of today are mainly divided into two different models – the LEVER HARP and the PEDAL HARP. The lever harp is generally smaller in size, has less strings and each string has a specific lever to change its pitch.

The pedal harp as seen in orchestras around the world is usually bigger than a lever harp, has more strings and relies on pedals to change the pitch of strings more efficiently.

Wild Selection of Harps With Rave Harps

“In tune with the harpist’s desires… With the artistic demands of the harpist as their number one priority, Jakez Francois and Camac Harps continues the standard of excellence set by founder Joel Garnier. Camac prides itself in combining modern technology and traditional ideals to create harps that are truly on the leading edge of manufacturing from the innovative soundboard design, to the weight-saving engineering, to the “do-it-yourself” pedal regulation device. Camac continues to sweep the world market with its brilliant, responsive harps.”

Rave Harps brings to your doorstep a wide selection of harps. With our expertise in the harp,
it is our goal to guide you in finding your ideal harp.

As the representative of CAMAC HARPS of Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia region,
we provide you with a range of technically superior harps that sound consistently great.

Visit our CAMAC HARPS (SINGAPORE- MALAYSIA) webpage to get to know more about us.


Proud owners of Camac Harps in the region include top national orchestras and top school orchestras:
  • Singapore Chinese Orchestra (SCO)
  • Singapore Armed Forced Band (SAF)
  • National University of Singapore Orchestra (NUS Orchestra)
  • Singapore School of the Arts (SOTA)
  • Anglo Chinese School (Independent), Singapore
  • Nanyang Girls’ High School, Singapore
  • Anglo Chinese Girls School, Singapore
  • Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
  • Sri Cempaka International Group of School, Malaysia
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