About Harps Essential Harp Care

Behind the scenes, every harpist needs to ensure a well-cared for harp – for immaculate sound and a well maintained harp is important and also makes practise time more fun!

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How to tune your harp?

You might wonder, with so many strings on the harp, how do I keep them all in tune? Fret not, we’ve got you covered!

We have videos teach guide you step by step, till your beautiful harp is back in tune.

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How to identify and change a broken string

Have you been practising well and hard? Or has the humidity resulted in your precious harp strings breaking? Not to worry, we have a large assortment of harp strings and we’ll have you strung back up in no time!

It is advisable to always keep a set of strings handy.

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Learn how to change your broken string here.

How to transport your harp

Transporting your harp doesn’t always require you to gather your handful of helpers!

With our harp dolly specially designed for the harpist, with its ergonomic and light-weight, you’ll never have to worry about moving your harp again.

Buy your Harp Dolly here.

Harp Regulation

Each and every Camac Harp is designed with the harpist in mind – simplified regulation and easy maintenance. That being said, all harps need to be regulated every 1-2 years.

We organise Harp Regulation Tours to Singapore every 2 years, bringing in the Camac Harps Regulation team for tend to Camac Harp owners in Singapore. Find out more about our upcoming regulation.

Our Next Regulation

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