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Pluck and the Magic Banyan Tree – 2017 Version (DVD) Double Edition

This is a Double Edition – with 2 shows.


Pluck the Fairy Guardian of Music returns for another adventure. Something is wrong in the harp kingdom of Enchantia – people are forgetting how to make music, and Pluck must find out why. Helped by her Fairy friends, she embarks on a journey through time to find the Magical Banyan Tree.

Producer and Artistic Director – Katryna Tan
Music Composer – Eric Watson
Music Arranger – Katryna Tan & Julian Wong
Narrator – Vera Yap
Main Cast 
Isabel Ho/Chanice Lee as Pluck
Kaitlyn Tan as Mel
Chew Yi as Beatbox
Veralyn Teo, Phang Bei Lin & Isabel Ho/Chanice Lee as Harmonia
Lee Yun Chai as King
Sapphire Ho as Queen
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