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The Golden Orb by E. Watson (PDF)

The Golden Orb for Harp Ensemble by Eric Watson

The Golden Orb was completed in January 2012, and was written for the harp ensemble ‘Rave Harpers’.


Anyone who has lived in South East Asia is aware how ever present the sun is in the region, aware of its beneficial as well as sometimes not so benign presence. The Golden Orb was composed with some South East Asian gamelan techniques in mind, not as imitation but as a recognition of the sound world that it evokes and a cyclical presence which, like the sun, is ever present in many of the music cultures. 

Parts: The work was written for 10 performers, 5 pedal harps and 5 lever harps. The original ensemble was a mixed blend of abilities from very technically advanced performers to less technically advanced and quite young players, but this is flexible in two ways.
a) The mix of pedal and lever harps may be changed to reflect the availability of more or less instruments.
b) The easier parts can be merged and or redistributed among the other players.

This piece is available as a PDF download  (Score and Parts)

Duration:  11:00

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