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Rave Harps Prestige Award

The Rave Harps Prestige Award is a competition which is specially tailored for young harpists, by Rave Harps. 


Listed below is the Honour List for the Rave Harps Prestige Award.

Rave Harps Prestige Award 2020 – SOLO




Apprentice I (Lever) Distinction with Honours Jaevis Low *
Summer Wan *
Ooi Ern Qi
Distinction Christie Tse
Elisabeth Kng
Apprentice II (Lever) Distinction with Honours Valencia Song *
Vien Ignacio *
Jerielle Kok
Megan Wan
Distinction Chanel Chua Jia Xi
Charlotte Sheum Yi Fei
Ezra Jereth Ng
Kimberly Chan Min Jane
Merit Lim Ka Yan
Ooi Xin Qi
Advanced I Distinction with Honours Chow Yen Yu *
Ho Yen Yee Hayley *
Distinction Abby Yu
Sherazade Nurul Amira Prasetyo
Merit Jodi Lee Sheng Ting
Advanced II Distinction with Honours Ng Yi Wei *
Azrielle Nathania Ginting
Chong Tze Wey
Chow Ying Qian
Distinction Kate Ching
Kimberly Wong
Merit Audrey Trisha Wibowo
Young Artist Distinction with Honours Isabel Kye Li Ho *
Phang Bei Lin
Distinction Chew Yi
Lee Su Min
Young Professional Distinction with Honours Renee Yadav *
Chloe Lam Zhuo Yi
Kaitlyn Tan Yu Xin
Distinction Chloe Liow Yi Yin
Lauren Ong
Special Merit Joyce Lim Li Hui
Kelly Tan

*  – marks the Top Scorers of the category.

Rave Harps Prestige Award 2019 – Chamber

Rave Harps Prestige Award 2018 – Solo

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