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Rave Harps Prestige Award

The Rave Harps Prestige Award is a competition which is specially tailored for young harpists, created by Rave Harps. It fills the gaps of current music examinations, and takes a well-rounded approach meeting the needs of budding performers and professionals.


Listed below is the Honour List for the Rave Harps Prestige Award.


Rave Harps Prestige Award 2018 – SOLO

Category Award Name
Apprentice I Distinction with Honours Adriel Lau
    Chanel Chua
    Jerielle Kok
    Megan Wan
    Ooi Xin Qi
    Vien Ignacio
Apprentice II Distinction with Honours Abby Yu Kai Qi
  Chanice Lee
    Kate Ching
  Distinction Chow Ying Qian
    Georgia Hayley Tan
  Hayley Ho Yan Yee
    Lee Sam Yee
    Sherazade Nurul Amira Prasetyo
Advance I Distinction with Honours Chong Tze Wei
    Jenine Kok
  Lee Su Min
  Ng Yi Wei
  Veralyn Teo
  Distinction Audrey Trisha Wibowo
  Lee Jun Wai
  Solange Cellovia Siregar
Merit Eilyx Lim
  Kimberly Wong
Advance II Distinction with Honours Chew Yi
  Kaitlyn Tan
Phang Bei Lin
Distinction Abigail Soo
  Isabel Ho
  Merit Alice Gabriellla Darmadji
    Olivia Wong
Young Artist Distinction with Honours Chloe Liow
  Renee Yadav
  Distinction Chloe Lam Zhuo Yi
  Merit Ng Yi Xuan
Young Professional Distinction Christabelle Sheum