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Pluck and the Magic Banyan Tree – 2015 (DVD)


Pluck the Fairy Guardian of Music returns for another adventure. Something is wrong in the harp kingdom of Enchantia – people are forgetting how to make music, and Pluck must find out why. Helped by her Fairy friends, she embarks on a journey through time to find the Magical Banyan Tree.

Producer and Artistic Director – Katryna Tan
Music Composer – Eric Watson
Narrator – William Ledbetter
Main Cast 
Chloe Lam as Pluck
Isabel Ho as Mel
Chloe Liow as Beatbox
Laetitia Brossi, Renee Yadav, Veralyn Teo as Harmonia
Lee Yun Chai as King
Nicolette Chin as Queen
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